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Note: the BMI Curriculum has changed. Students admitted before Aug 1, 2016 should continue to use the old curriculum. Students admitted after Aug 1, 2016 should use the new curriculum, which is described on the explore degrees pages.

Curriculum (admitted before Aug 1, 2016)

BMI Core Courses (17 units)
Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, and Engineering Electives (18 units)
Social and Ethical Issues Electives (4 units)
Unrestricted Electives (6 units)
Biology/Medicine Electives (for PhD students only) (9 units)
More rules

The core curriculum generally entails a minimum of 45 units of course work for MS students and 54 units of course work for PhD students, but can require substantially more or less depending upon the courses chosen and the previous training of the student. BIOMEDIN 299, 801, and 802 may be taken for satisfactory/no credit (S/NC).

Waivers: The varying backgrounds of students are well recognized and no one is required to take courses in an area in which he or she has already been adequately trained; under such circumstances, students are permitted to skip courses or substitute more advanced work using a formal annual process administered by the BMI executive committee, in which students demonstrate satisfaction of core curriculum prerequisites, and request permission to receive core curriculum credit for classes taken previously in areas of the core curriculum. Students design appropriate programs for their interests with the assistance and approval of their Biomedical Informatics academic adviser.

Also, see the curriculum requirements for the MS and PhD degrees listed on the BMI page in exploredegrees.

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