Biomedical Informatics  

For Stanford Graduate Students

These instructions are for those currently enrolled in graduate study at Stanford (including medical students). However, if you are applying to BMI for a degree to start after your current degree has been conferred, or if you are applying to BMI and want funding (PhD, or postdoctoral MS), then skip this page and follow the normal application instructions for the desired degree; note that generally you will have to apply in the Autumn to start in the following Autumn (or Summer).

You should submit directly to us:

  1. A Graduate Authorization Petition (via Axess)
  2. Two letters of recommendation (send directly to us, or submit in sealed, signed envelope)
  3. An unofficial copy of your Stanford transcript and of any previous transcripts
  4. Your CV
  5. A 1-2 page personal statement
  6. Unofficial report of GRE or MCAT scores
  7. The BMI supplemental application form
  8. a BMI course flowsheet with your proposed plan of study

Applications are accepted throughout the year. The deadlines to submit your applications are listed in the table below.

For Matriculation in
Submit by 1st day of
Autumn quarter
Winter quarter
Spring quarter
Summer quarter



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